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Young People

For Those 16 and Under

St Peters Surgery has produced a leaflet for young people so you know what to expect when visiting the practice.

All services are free and confidential for young people including those between 13-16yrs. This means you can tell others about your visit but we will not. BUT! If we think you or someone else might be in serious danger of harm we would have to tell someone but we would try to let you know first and support you with this.

Did you know as a young person you can ask to see the doctor or nurse on your own or with a parent/adult for help or advice on sexual health or other health concerns. You can request a chaperone to be with you if you wish.

Here in St Peters Surgery if you require an appointment for emergency contraception within 72 hours and find it difficult to discuss at the reception desk you can ask a member of the team if you could have a conversation in private.

Chlamydia Screening

Did you know that screening for Chlamydia is free and for under 25’s you can have a test and no need to tell us, although if you would like to discuss it with a Doctor or Nurse we will be happy to advice you. You can ask the Doctor or Nurse at the surgery for a free self testing kit or you can request one to be sent direct to you in the post by visiting and  sending off your sample

Confidentiality (Teenagers) Policy 

The principles of confidentiality apply equally to all patients regardless of age. Young people (including those under 16) are entitled to equal confidentiality as all other patients. This includes respecting their wishes to withhold information from parents or guardians. The GP involved will determine the competency of a young person seeking treatment and will determine the extent to which confidentiality guidelines apply in each case. Care is taken to ensure that this right of confidentiality is not inadvertently breached by following the procedural guidelines in force.

Any young person regardless of age can independently seek medical advice or treatment, if a health professional believes that they are capable of understanding the choices of treatment and their consequences. This includes contraceptive advice.

The policy of the Practice is to support young people in exercising their choice of medical treatment, and to deal with them in a sympathetic and confidential manner. Where a young person presents at the surgery without adult support they may be booked in to see a Clinician in the normal way. Where there is some question of the urgency of an appointment the matter should be referred to a nurse in the first instance to triage the request.

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